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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Beware of Police Body Cameras

December 08, 2015

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer: Beware of Police Body Cameras

Following the shooting of a civilian by a police officer and the subsequent riots in Ferguson, Missouri last year, many police departments are instituting the use of body cameras by patrol officers across the United States. This is an effort to capture on video what really happens when there is an altercation between police and civilians. Too often, the eyewitnesses, the police, and the suspect have differing accounts of what actually happened. In instances where amateur video by bystanders is available, it is commonly not of good quality.

Since posting of privately done videos online is so easily accomplished, the question of security arises now that the police are using body cameras. The videos are public records and so they may be viewed by anyone. In cases in which the suspect is innocent, the public video does not harm the individual’s reputation; however, in cases where the suspect may be committing an illegal act, the ramifications of public viewing are far reaching.

Depending on the crime, local media can request a copy of the video under state public records law. Does the public right to know trump your right to privacy? Some may think it will encourage citizens to think twice before risking any criminal activity involvement. What about those who are falsely accused or who are misidentified and arrested in error? Those videos will still be available and the person filmed will not have the opportunity to explain the video to everyone who watches it, if for instance, to review if he or she is innocent.

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