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Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Discusses New Jersey False Arrest Case

September 13, 2016

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Discusses a New Jersey False Arrest Case

A former vice principal of a Runnemede, New Jersey high school has sued the Camden County Prosecutor’s office for false arrest and wrongful imprisonment. The VP, the school’s principal and three male teachers were charged with crimes relating to a charge of covering up sexual misconduct by school teachers. Specifically, the former vice principal was charged with official misconduct and failing to report child abuse. The prosecution’s office claims that the VP was also required to notify the state Division of Youth and Family Services, and to report the incident to local law enforcement

The three other defendants pled guilty. The charges against the vice principal were dropped after she agreed to resign her position.

Malicious Prosecution Complaint

The vice principal maintains that she was innocent of the charges and that she left her job due to the undue duress of criminal prosecution which could threaten her freedom. She also asserts that she followed proper procedures by telling the principal of the misconduct. The suit was filed by the former school administrator and her husband against the prosecutor’s office and the person who led the investigation.

The plaintiff is claiming damages for her emotional distress, lost wages, loss of future income and damage to her reputation. She says the false charges also forced her suspension from Rowan University, where she was in the doctoral program. The vice principal also claims the authorities failed to conduct a proper investigation. In addition to monetary damages, she is requesting that the prosecutor’s office receive court-order training.

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Michele Finizio Defends People Who Have Been Falsely Accused of Crimes in NJ

Facing criminal charges is scary. The state has incredible resources including investigative powers. When faced with charges, some defendants are inclined to make any plea arrangement that keeps them out of jail. But the prosecutors often do not follow the law and do not conduct a full investigation resulting in innocent people being falsely charged. Mount Holly criminal lawyer, Michele Finizio, is an aggressive advocate for her clients. She will work to fight any unwarranted charges.

Anyone who is falsely charged with a crime in South Jersey needs a Mount Holly criminal lawyer to make sure their reputation is not tarnished. Criminal defendants should make an appointment with the law offices of Michele Finizio by calling 856-888-9059 or completing an online inquiry form. Our law offices represent clients in Mount Holly, Burlington County, Cherry Hill, Gloucester County and Salem County.

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