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Mount Holly DUI Lawyer: Uber Use Leads to Decrease in DUI Deaths

March 16, 2016

Mount Holly DUI Lawyer: Uber Use Leads to a Decrease in DUI Deaths

Researchers at the Fox School of Business at Temple University analyzed data from the state of California from 2009 through 2014, regarding the effect car services had on drunk driving deaths. They concluded that as the public use of car and taxi services has increased, the number of drunk driving fatalities has decreased. The number of reduced DUI deaths has been particularly affected since Uber entered the car-service market. Alcohol-related driving homicides have shown a decrease of between 3.6 percent and 5.6 percent as a result of Uber use.

The research team at Temple University concluded that if all U.S cities implemented the use of Uber X, 500 lives per year could potentially be spared. Furthermore, the economy could save the yearly costs of $1.3 billion it currently spends on the 13,000 DUI-related deaths each year.

Uber markets itself as a safe way to travel after an evening of drinking. The company even set up a kiosk with a breathalyzer in a heavily concentrated bar area of Toronto as a promotional tactic. Studies conducted by the car sharing industry confirm DUIs are indeed reduced when people use services such as Uber. However, the research conducted by the Temple team was the first to examine independent statistics to confirm the effect cab services may or may not have on DUI deaths. The study uncovered some interesting conclusions.

The team found that some cities have more stringently regulated cab industries than others, which limits Uber’s access in certain metropolitan areas. The result of those limits creates a surplus demand, and as a consequence, not enough taxis to accommodate those who want to use the service. The fallout of not being able to meet the demand is drivers getting behind the wheel while under the influence. Taxi industry regulations, which are imposed to limit competition, could be the reason an increased amount of drunk drivers are on the roads. Instead of cities imposing stricter regulations on new car services, the research proposes looser guidelines that will support competition amongst the taxi industries and therefore meet the demand.

Safe Driving Suggestions Proposed by the Team at Temple University

The Temple team noted that although their research does not address car accident deaths caused by negligent driving behavior, with the exception of drunk drivers, it does offer critical viewpoints regarding the possible attributes of cities incorporating a variety of car service companies to facilitate healthy competition with companies such as Uber. The research team went onto to suggest that city establishments who serve liquor should contract with Uber and other car service companies. Partnering with such companies could protect liquor serving establishments against the liability that accompanies overserving customers and allowing them to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. An added benefit is that patrons are likely to return to these businesses because establishments that offer car services tend to make their customers feel like they are of a higher social status.

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