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Mount Holly Traffic Lawyers: Caution in School Zones

September 06, 2016

Mount Holly Traffic Lawyers: Caution in School Zones

A recent report on pedestrian deaths in New Jersey highlights the need for extra caution while driving in or near school zones. The state police reported in early September on what appears to be an alarming trend in traffic accidents that have resulted in deaths of pedestrians. According to the police report, fatalities related to traffic accidents increased from 368 in 2013 to 384 in 2014, and the number of pedestrian fatalities resulting from traffic accidents jumped from 87 in 2013 to 99 in 2014.

The figures for 2015 seem to indicate that the trend will continue, as the report shows that there have been 354 total fatalities and 102 pedestrian fatalities resulting from traffic accidents through September 11, 2015.

Driving Restrictions to Protect School Children in NJ

School children are some of the most vulnerable pedestrians, and New Jersey law restricts drivers in several ways to protect them. Drivers are restricted by a speed limit of 25 miles per hour in school zones, unless otherwise marked. They are required to stop for school buses on any public or private road when the buses use their flashing red lights or when they have stopped. Drivers are also required to stop for pedestrians, including school children, in any crosswalk and remain stopped until the pedestrian has passed to the other side of the road.

Penalties for NJ Driving Violations

Violations of these laws can prove very costly. The state penalizes violators with a point system, and drivers who accumulate six or more points within a three year period are subject to annual surcharges. Drivers who speed in school zones are assessed two points for exceeding the speed limit by not more than 15 mph, and four points if they exceed the posted limit by more than 15 mph. Drivers who fail to stop for a child or pedestrian in a cross walk are assessed two points, and drivers who improperly pass a stopped school bus can be assessed five points.

The points and surcharges assessed by the State are in addition to fines and court costs that may be imposed by local authorities.

Driving on or near school property with a suspended license or while under the influence of alcohol can result in even greater penalties in New Jersey. Driving with a suspended license on school property or driving through a school crossing zone with a suspended license can be punished with a license suspension of one to two years, with a $500 fine, and with 60-90 days of imprisonment. Anyone under the influence of alcohol who drives on school property, in a school zone, or within 1,000 feet of a school property is subject to a fine of $600-$1000 and a one- to two-year license suspension.

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