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New Jersey Criminal Lawyer Discusses the Case of the Man Who Was Wrongfully Jailed

June 23, 2015

New Jersey Criminal Lawyer Discusses Case of Man Wrongfully Jailed

A Georgia man has finally been released after spending nearly two years in jail under another man’s name. The man was mistakenly booked under the name of another male, a convicted child molester, who was wanted by police for jumping bail after failing to register as a sex offender. The mistake began when the Georgia resident, who has a history of mental illness, had a run-in with police on June 13, 2012. When he failed to produce identification, the police arrested him on another individual’s warrant. Both men are African-American, with similar height and build.

A lawyer recently hired for the Georgia man said that although his client had stated all along that he was not the wanted individual, investigators and jail staff never cross-referenced his fingerprints or mug shot with those they had on file for the bail jumper. The mistake was not discovered until he was sent to Georgia Regional Hospital for a mental evaluation just days before his trial was to begin.

During his time of incarceration, he claims he was tormented by other inmates who wrongfully believed him to be a child molester. He was threatened constantly, and suffered numerous beatings and even rape. The wrongfully convicted person says he feared for his life. He currently is recovering at Georgia Regional Hospital, though his family states that the ordeal has left him remarkably shaken.

The family of the wrongfully convicted man has filed a civil lawsuit on his behalf against Fulton County, its jail and sheriff’s office for their gross mishandling of the case. Included in the lawsuit are allegations of false imprisonment and arrest, malicious prosecution, and negligence at the hands of Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and its correctional staff.

In a bizarre twist, charges against the actual individual the police were pursuing, who has been on the loose this entire time, had to be dropped in order for the man who was wrongfully convicted to be released. Because the charges were dropped, the real perpetrator will no longer be required to register as a sex offender.

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