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New Jersey Expungement Lawyers Discuss Seeking Expungement of Arrest

New Jersey Expungement Lawyers Discuss Seeking an Expungement of an Arrest

You probably know that it is possible to have a conviction removed from your record through a process known as expungement. What you might not know is that you can have any arrest expunged from your record, regardless of whether it resulted in a conviction or not.

Discuss the specific circumstances of your case with your lawyer to determine what you need to do to receive an expungement. In any expungement case, you need to petition to have your record expunged through the Superior Court of the county that handled your original case. Your lawyer can guide you through this process and help you obtain the necessary paperwork to submit alongside your petition.

If You Were Acquitted, Discharged without Being Found Guilty, or Had Your Charge Dismissed, You Can Expunge Your Record

In any of the scenarios described above, you may seek an expungement as soon as you would like after being arrested and detained. If you do not seek an expungement in New Jersey, the arrest remains on your record and can be seen in background checks for housing and job opportunities, even though you were not found guilty. Although it might not be fair, you can be judged for having an arrest on your record.

Your record cannot be expunged if you had your charge dismissed or discharged due to insanity or mental incapacity.

If Your Charge Was Dismissed Through Your Participation in a Supervisory Treatment Program, You May Be Able to Expunge Your Record

If you completed a supervisory treatment program in place of being convicted of a criminal offense, you must wait six months from the date of your program’s completion to seek an expungement. Supervisory treatment programs are often offered to first time, nonviolent offenders to help them be rehabilitated, rather than punished. If you completed this type of program, it will be noted on your criminal record unless you have it expunged. 

New Jersey Expungement Lawyers at The Law Offices of Michele Finizio Can Help You Expunge an Arrest from Your Record

Even if you were not convicted of a criminal offense in New Jersey, you might want to seek an expungement of an arrest in your past. To do this, work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Fill out our online form or call 856-888-9059 to set up your initial consultation with the Law Offices of Michele Finizio, located in Moorestown, New Jersey. Our New Jersey expungement lawyers proudly represent clients from Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, and Salem County.

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