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New Jersey Marijuana Statistics

Moorestown New Jersey Marijuana LawyerMarijuana has been at the center of a renewed debate about states rights versus federal oversight over the past several years. The federal government still prosecutes individuals that possess, distribute or grow the plant, yet several states across the country have implemented contradictory laws about the substance. New Jersey is one state where the legality of weed is complex.

The State of Marijuana in New Jersey

Arrest data from 2016 revealed New Jersey continues to arrest marijuana users at a higher rate than most of the rest of the nation. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting program shows New Jersey arrested around 35,700 individuals on marijuana-related charges in 2016, and these statistics rank the state the third highest in the United States.

Jon Gettman, the criminal justice professor in charge of collecting and analyzing the nation’s FBI arrest data, believes New Jersey’s large marijuana arrest rate is related to the state’s ever increasing police activity. The Bureau of Labor Statistics confirms the state has one of the highest numbers of police officers per capita. The arrest rate in New Jersey hovers around 400 arrests per 100,000 people which are topped only by Wyoming.

How a Marijuana Defense Attorney Can Help

Criminal defense attorney Michele Finizio understands how a drug conviction can result in a loss of driving privileges, serious financial penalties and even a loss of personal freedom with potential jail time. Her experience, knowledge, and passion for protecting her client’s rights will work to your advantage throughout your case. Attorney Finizio will fight to provide you with the best possible chance to reduce criminal penalties or dismiss any unsubstantiated charges. If you’ve been charged with drug possession, then contact her law firm at 856-888-9059.

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