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New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Reviews Police Poll Identifying Most Common Reasons Drivers Are Pulled Over

November 03, 2015

New Jersey Traffic Lawyer Reviews Police Poll Identifying the Most Common Reasons Drivers Are Pulled Over

Most drivers have experienced getting pulled over by a police officer at one time or another.  Unless we were knowingly speeding, we are often confused and ask, “But officer, what did I do wrong?”   To help answer this question and avoid getting pulled over in the first place, surveyed three law enforcement agencies to determine the most common causes that police officers pull drivers off the road.  Though some are obvious, you may be surprised to learn about others.

In a unanimous response, the most common cause for stopping a vehicle is speeding.  The police officers surveyed all agreed that driving over the speed limit carries an enormous risk to the driver and everyone that they encounter on the road.  According to data released in the study, there is a 14.3 % reduction in the amount of motor vehicle accidents, and a 5.6 % reduction in injuries related to a car accident for every 100 speeding tickets issued.  That is a significant number of lives saved and injuries prevented by stopping drivers who do not obey the posted speed limit.  Police advise drivers to either slow down or pay up, or become one of the 34 million drivers receiving a speeding ticket each year.

Distracted driving is another primary cause for getting pulled over. Texting, using a cell phone, eating, reading, and other distractions lead to a multitude of problems on the road.  Failing to stop at a red light or stop sign, not seeing a pedestrian, driving too close to the vehicle in front of you, and driving outside of lane lines are just some of the ways distracted drivers cause accidents.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 40% of American teenagers reported being in a car with a driver engaged in cell phone use.  With that amount of distracted drivers on the road, police officers keep a vigilant eye out for offenders.

Many of us have been pulled over for what we believe are minor or nuisance reasons, such as a broken tail light, dark tinted windows, and expired license tags, but these situations are obvious warning signs to police officers who need to investigate.  Unregistered vehicles, cracked windshields, and burnt out headlights are safety violations that put others at risk.  Too often drivers that fail to maintain proper credentials or vehicle maintenance fail to obey other laws as well.

The last point that law enforcement officers look out for are drivers who make illegal moves on the road, such as driving too close to the vehicle in front of them, and making dangerous or illegal lane changes.  Drivers who tailgate will not have enough time to stop suddenly before colliding with the car in front of them.  Rear end collisions cause serious injuries to both vehicles and drivers.  Keeping a safe distance from the car in front of you will allow you to pull to the side of the car or allow the brakes enough time to bring your vehicle to a full stop.  The police participating in the survey also noted that people making careless lane changes without looking carefully and those who cross illegally into another lane can cause front end collisions and pile ups.  Drivers need to obey solid and double yellow lines, posted warning signs, and look carefully in the rear-view mirrors before making a lane change.

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