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New NJ Law Proposed to Ban Quota on Traffic Citations

August 18, 2015

New NJ Law Proposed to Ban Quota for Traffic Citations

New Jersey Republican Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon is preparing to introduce a bill which would ban arrest and ticket quotas for New Jersey police, according to a recent article in USA Today. The bill seeks to prohibit law enforcement agencies from using the volume of an officer’s arrests and citations as a factor when evaluating that officer’s overall performance or when making personnel determinations such as promotions, demotions and other benefits of employment. Proponents of the proposed law take the position that it is intended to improve public safety.

The current law in New Jersey for citation quotas does provide that quotas cannot be the sole factor in evaluating a police officer’s job performance; however, municipalities are continuing to compare officers’ arrest and citation volume.  Illinois recently enacted a similar piece of legislation to close this backdoor.

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) opposes quotas.  The NAPO argues that the pressure to fill a quota takes away an officer’s discretion.  Officers are compelled to write citations when only a warning is perhaps fitting.

Proponents of the new bill proffer that quotas also compel officers to spend more time in high traffic areas and less in neighborhoods.  This puts the public safety at risk as high traffic areas tend to be safer due to the number of people around.  It is also argued that getting rid of quotas will improve police and public relations.  Citations will no longer be viewed as an additional tax.  Citations will be given when they are truly warranted to keep the public safe.

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