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Police Departments to Utilize Footage from Privately-Owned Cameras

New Jersey criminal defense lawyerSurveillance camera footage from convenience stores, airports and other areas have been invaluable for law enforcement in catching criminals or providing crucial evidence of wrongdoing. Police officers know how important video footage can be, but it’s not feasible to place security cameras throughout neighborhoods, streets and towns. Recently, police departments throughout New Jersey have come up with an innovative solution to this issue.

Security Camera Footage Used as Evidence

The Morris County Police Department has asked various residents and businesses to register their own private cameras with their offices in an effort to reduce crime. The information recorded by private individuals or business owners won’t be available to the police without the individual’s consent. Instead, police will utilize the camera registry to identify cameras with potential evidence and then request video from the camera’s owner. Similarly, the Denville Police Department launched a Virtual Crime Watch program that hopes to utilize privately owned cameras in crime-fighting efforts. So far, only six different security systems have been registered with the Virtual Crime Watch program, but police are hopeful that the program will become more widespread over time. Denville’s program is based off of similar programs being run in the Voorhees and Hanover areas.

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Every police department questioned about these programs explained that they uphold each individual’s right to privacy. No footage can be viewed without the owner’s consent, and camera owners have the right to deny the police department’s requests. If your police department is pressuring you to register your privately-owned camera, then know that you have a right to privacy and a right to say no. Criminal defense attorney Michele Finizio values your freedom, and she can help fight for you if your conviction is based on evidence obtained unlawfully by the police. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her law office for additional information about her services. Her law office can be reached at 856-888-9059.

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